best. show. ever.

WHY IS IT SO GOOD?!? (holy fuckin crapballs, you guys)
best last 3 seconds of teevee evs.


laia. said...

i kept waiting for you to post something because none of my friends watch the show.
shit is insane.
i actually yelled WHAT? at the tv.

Amy Grace said...

Alright, here's my question. Maybe it's too meta, but....

When I was working at the bookstore a few years back, I decided to read a few of these books. Every girl between the ages of 12 and 17 wanted to read them, so I thought I ought to educate myself on my product (or whatever - I was tired of reading and hearing about the damn Chronicles of Narnia every eight seconds, and I wanted to know if "It's like Sex in the City, but for Teenagers!" was an appropriate description. I'm going with no.)

Anyhow, to end what could be an entire blog post's worth of tangent... Have you read the books? Or one of the books, at least? It seems to me that who "Gossip Girl" is a vital mystery to be solved, and that while it was alluded to in the first few episodes (everyone was getting a bunch of gossip on their cell phones and, in the book, in their e-mails and on her website), this portion of the story has been nixed.

I'm cool with Gossip Girl just being the narrator for the sake of the simplicity of television, but I thought it was a pretty awesome device in the books, and I really wish they would have incorporated it.


(Not to overintellectualize a show aimed at the 12-17 demographic or anything.)

White Lightning said...

i haven't read the books. i have a curiousity but i probably won't.

they DO all wonder who she is, they made a reference to it in the beginning of the ep, that people thought gay brother was gossip girl for a while. i think that that is something that they can't harp on too much because it isn't really something that they want to reveal and obviously they want the show to go on for a while. it doesn't bother me..yet..that NO ONE knows who gg is, i am content with her beingnarrator/all seeing eye (for now)

Anonymous said...

I love that this show took a turn to the DARK SIDE. Did you hear that music at the end of the episode after she dropped the murder-bomb? Sketch!!!

Here's hoping that Chuck helps her clean up this mess. He'd look great in some too tight leather gloves, tampering with evidence.

Sarah said...

i totally yelled WHAT?! at the tv, too.
BEST final seconds of tv evs fo sho.

White Lightning said...

haahah, i feel like EVERYONE yelled


all at once last night.

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