future facehunter fodder

why do 5 year olds have it all figured out?
i swear i didn't tell her to pose like this. she is just this cool! ha.

my little cuz is usually not this serious but she set up the shot and since i am merely the photographer and she my muse/the birthday girl, i had to obey.

a vision in pink with new birthday gifts from me - pink wayfarers and a teensy harmonica jangle. sweet leopard mary-janes, model's own (and she dressed herself! i like the way she thinks)

i try not to play favorites with the kiddies in the fam but..like...look at this one. she is a hippie fairy princess free spirit with a killer fashion sense. she's endlessly amusing.

i will attempt this sort of offhand casual supercool this summer; i believe i will fail.
outcooled by a pre-schooler! it happens.


Michelle said...

The girl just has it! I wish I can have those leopard print pumps..

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

umm. yea. awesome mini rockstar fairy. totes into it..p.s. i want a mini harmonica. an ex boyfriend gave me one once. but it's long since broke..please advise.

White Lightning said...

i will get you one. i bought them out at the toy store i usually get them at for all the kids yesterday but i will find you one!

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