i knew we were kindred

so i was all ready to scan the back page of teen vogue because the tres fashionable young girl on it had on the siiiickesssttttt white canvas wedge things from slow & steady win the race...look at them! (WHY do i love a white shoe SO MUCH??)

but then i checked refinery and saw that my girl KAT aka the enthusiast has already written about them! what can i SAY, great minds blah blah blah..she also covered the insane acne ones that i am lusting for too...you in my BRAIN, K clems.

i want them both. how much do you get for sellin yer plasma these days?


Lia Dominique Andress said...

Where can I find these...to buy?

White Lightning said...

follow the link to slow & steady..they have links to websites that sell their stuff!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

OMGZ, buy them buy them buy themmmm...they are like the muslin bastard child of the dries laceup booties and margiela open toed spat wedges.

ps. i left my brown velvet equestrian helmet in michigan but i will bring it to the city for you next time i go. we can take turns wearing it and looking like victorian hotdog on a stick girls.

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