i miss you, 4 day weekend

awww back at work! blerg.
i realized that this dress from the gap "european editions" or whatevs it was called is as close as i am gonna come to my dream of the kirsten dunst miu miu ad dresses.

i mean, ok, its not the same it all, just similar in the vibe..or at least i tell myself so as not to cry.

the dress, gap, obv.
belt, no clue, some thrift store somewhere
the vintage burgundy etienne aigner girly brogues are from fox & fawn. they are my new fave thing, i want to wear them everyday.
peace necklace is straight up nyc 5 dollar street jewelry.
ooh and hot pink nails! the neon fingerz summertrain continues (why does that sound so dirty?). i am going for green or yellow next...


Anonymous said...

I like this outfit, shoes especially. They remind me of those Rachel Comey shoes that I see girls wear. Cute. Why no take pic in messy BR?

White Lightning said...

haaa. ummm because i was late for work this morning, i guess?
work bathroom pics! variety is the SPICE OF LIFE

Sarah said...

i love your shoez!

PL Underwood said...

I tried to persuade someone to buy that same dress. Alas, 'twas to no avail.

edgecakez said...

ASSHOLIO! you better be bringin one of each of the items you are wearing in this picture to spain. in my size. spanks!

July Stars said...

Love the whole outfit, especially the shoes: they're gorgeous!

White Lightning said...

thanks all-a-you!

pL, i assume we're talkin bout yr GF. what's wrong with her meng? this dress s amazing

miss edge..i will bring what i can to espain. there will def be surprises for you. THREE WEEKS!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

umm. can we go to fox and fawn soon. i never done been.

and it looks like their priceas might be right..

Michelle said...

love the whole look, the style of the dress is gorgeous..

edgecakez said...

ELIZABETHA, i gots a surpriseeee fer yewww tewwww! dude, 3 weeks, wtf? can we please talk soon and discuss situations? orrr should we just continue to communicate via blog comments? so 2008.

Enfievre said...

peace sign necklace. must for spring.

BlossomClothing said...

i love those shoes, god they are gorgeous!
your outfit looks good
your profile is pretty cool too
fancy swapping links?
lovefrom blossmclothingx

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