i see my future

i had some delicious prosecco with the lovely amy tonight and at one point we discovered a verrrry crucial similarity which tells me that she is really something. a kindred spirit.

when we become women of a certain age we both see caftans, bangles and cigarette holders being the big sartorial pleasures in our lives.

in other words, mrs roper is our future icon.

this is something i have felt in my bones for a long time..even in college in my vintage t-shirts n giant jeans phase (omg, homemade raver pants, holy 90s wasteland. who remembers mom n' me's from pat fields on 8th street???) i knew that bangles, jangles n turbans were how i'd end up.

it just seems like the natural (awesome) progression, doesn't it?

audra lindley, i totes salute you.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i was wearing my halston VI caftan this morning. and i almost wore a turban yesterday..is that weird that i'm already there??

White Lightning said...

nopes. that's why i heart you so

Scott Bliss said...

I just googled mom n mes and this came up. apparently we've struck on some virgin internetting.

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