i wanna be in the nonjudgemental breakfast club!

ok, ok so serena's big SECRET wasn't so shocking. WHO CARES!
georgina sparks is probs the best character of m trachtz career so i hope she's enjoying it (and dan is lamesauce for falling for it)

also: she devirginized chuck in sixth grade? damn, girl.

also also: thank you gossip girl, for bringing together some of my favorite things (we call this SYNERGY): precocious rich teens will a panchant for headwear, any character that approaches james spader steff levels, and 90s nostalgia.

lisa loeb! schiesse, if these kids are supposed to be 16, 'stay' came out when they were babies.
holy. fucking. hell.
(fashion sidenote, hall of fame award: lisa's dress in the stay video is like the ark of the covenant of perfect dresses. i have been looking for it for fourteen years)

weekly throbs:

(call me)

finale next week?!! say it ain't so.

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