i'm gonna start calling him diablo bro-dy (hey now! joke town)

last night was the party for cakehole aka cakes aka nicky napkin aka AUTHOR MICKEY RAPKIN's book..it comes out next week!

see? (hmm...where "books" are sold. i need to find one of these places...)

cakes is def gonna send me a cease and desist on this one, but look how cute he is? (me and dre toootally bought him that tie clip)

oh and don't worry, as if he wasn't SUPERSTAR ENOUGH, it's already going to be a MOVIE and the writer is from 30 ROCK..um, be more awesome cakes, REALLY.

also, nice media blitz, brah: he's also doing a funny rip on a cappella fashion on men's style.com...(which i feel like is a cool blog for dude fashion; it's funny! and i swear i mean it, not just cuz my friend p underdubz is the editor...)

yaaaaay cakes, so proud of you

oh and even though the party had tiny hamburgers by the thousands, after all that wine and afterparty beer, a trip to san loco was a must

dre eating dirty tacos at midnight! best thing i've ever seen.

P fucking S
to whoever the ASSHOLE is that STOLE MY FAVORITE COAT LAST NIGHT: you better hope i never see you out with my sweet and lovely little vintage blue jacket or i will seriously fuck you up. xoxo, elizabeth


edgecakez said...

omigoddddd! so feeling pangs of awayness...i WISHWISHWISH i could have been there! cakes looks sooo freaking cute. and i CAN'T believe i missed easting/seeing dre eating queso locooooooosssss.


love you guys...


T-Bonz said...

1 - Amped for Mickey, for reals.
2 - Which coat? Not the one you got recently? stealing is for whores.
Was Lindsay Lohan at the party????

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

drats. i'll shove my ring bling in whomevers face for wronging my bitch like that.

and i can't believe we've never gone loco together.
luckily, it's not too late.

and it never will be, unless it's after 4am.

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