is this becoming a footwear fetish blog?

these shoes are scoring really high on the hideous-amazing matrix..if anyone knows what these are, help a sister out. i already made 20 outfits with them in my mind. (omg with NEON TIGHTS? or RED? so. important.)

from the facehunter, bien sur


brendan donnelly said...

not to be a fag, but don't do it. they look like those metal shoes that knights wore when they did joust battles. it's cool if you're a knight. not a summertime fashionista.
see here:


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i totally nerded out over these last night!
i bet they are from some cool ass store in stockholm or some sweet euro place we may never go.

microtard said...

I hear they are from a really cool POLIO store. Don't be insane, those things are uglier than Jonathan Lipnicky.

Anonymous said...

very odd looking shoes

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