light reading, heavy drinking

summertime book club: middle school summer reading list* !

books you loved and should read one more time.
it'll take you 2 hours and probably make you a teeny bit happy.

these are some of mine, but there are so many more...

i am determined to actually make this happen!...so get out all your salinger and start to prepare, i will send out a mass email soon

ps, i hate when they re-do covers to be "hip". it makes me want to cry. but that's a whole nother post, meng.

*ok, some of these are high school. that's ok too. middle school just sounds better, doesn't it? oh, and i will make an exception for elementary school for the following: bunnicula, encyclopedia brown, anne of green gables, or little house on the prairie.


brendan donnelly said...

what about "old man and the sea" and "to kill a mockingbird" and "the babysitters club?" wait babysitters club was not sumer reading, it was last weeks reading

Sarah said...

franny and zooey is on my list of "need-to-read-soons" :]

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

omg! francesca lia block was my fave! my screenname was "alabastrduchess" at one time. no shit.

while you're reading elem. school books: MATILDA

Emily Sher said...

weetzie bat taught me all my favorite words i'm too scared to say out loud (slinkster cool?). and of course franny and zooey is everyone's number one.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i'm in..can we add go ask alice and or on the road or some carlos castenada..plus that book about the kid and the purple crayon..
p.s. babysitter's club was soo my jam back in the back in the day..[dawn was a fashion super star.]

edgecakez said...

DUDE. elementary/jr high tip:


also, any chance you remember CHOCOLATE FEVER???

i loved that jazz!

Yess said...

The Witches by Roald Dahl (maybe elementary... I have fuzzy memories...)

laia. said...

Ooh, I did this last summer and re-read franny & zoe, catcher in the rye and nine stories. It was fun.
I never read Weetzie Bat,though, so I'm adding that to my summer reading list.

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