like a giant japanese velvet cocoon. with mouths.

when you are the fashion-obsessed girl in the art department, your awesome friends in the fashion department will sometimes come to your desk and say, "um, elizabeth? we have the pink lip cut out comme de-"...and they don't even have to finish the sentence because you have sprinted to the closet to see it. and try it on.

this thing:

is crazytown.

the second pic is me saying.. is this like, a boob hole? what in the WHAT?
and only one pocket worked, i mean, of course, why would both be functional?

sidenote, the fact that i am wearing wool tights on may 20th is a sad truth, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

OMG! So nice of them to call you over but still OMG it is swallowing you up! Still, so so so glad you took pics!!

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i like how it's knee-length on the model and tea-length on you.

you could be a pink m&m for halloween in that puppy. looks sorta like fetish clothing too.

(wool tights in may-- SUCH a tragedy! i feel like eeyore today. gloom gloom gloom.)

laia. said...

holy shit. that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there's any chance you could borrow this to wear to dinner tomorrow night?

sleepyhead said...

oh my lord almighty! too bad you weren't wearing your red tights, eh?

White Lightning said...

i was laughing at the length too M-L, obvs i am 9 feet shorter than most runways gals.

i WISH i had been wearing red tights! the ONE DAY i go for a respectable navy wool...

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

awesomesauce bananabonkers!!

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