look a bit like coffee, taste a bit like me

i couldn't stare at them neon pantses anymore and not get the itch myself so i had to bust out the judi rosen eyeball scorchers yesterday...

h&m shirt thing that i bought giantsize so it's more like a dress(ish)
awesome cotton knot necklace by my friend miss angela barrow (and there are more on my doorknob in the pic)
AA black n white tank dress underneath
judi rosen crazytown socks
vanessa bruno sandals (bought at printemps in pareeee last summer during SOLDES aka HEAVEN ON EARTH because the entire city of paris is ON SALE. it's dangermouse for sure)


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

snap, i've been athinkin' to get those.

i'm supposed to be on shopping hiatus. but....

so saweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

damn girl, good lookin.

sleepyhead said...

def need to paint your nails this color

laia. said...

Two thingz
1. those socks are fuckin rad and they look awesome with the sandals.

2. just came over from the other site that you write for and i cant believe how crazy people are going over p.hilton malarky. hilarious on like 45 levels.

July Stars said...

Those tan shoes with the neon yellow socks are amazing: love it

hard liquor; soft holes said...

rad rad rad radddddd

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