the mind of a madman

so..i asked dave to write down directions to prospect park on saturday? where we were meeting a bunch of friends for pick-a-nick timez? simple request.

when we met at the train an hour later, this is what he handed me:

at the start (upper left) i am saying "dave, how much coffee have you had today?"

"RIP chester copperpot, he only made it this far"

"leprechaun has to grant wish if you find pot of gold, unless it's the dude in the horror movie, then we are in deep shit"

besides the fact that there are stops in Nam, Cambodia, JFK (to take jetblue to brooklyn), the arctic circle, and notes for a film called "apocolypse wow"..it actually has the real pertinent information on there. it just takes you 45 minutes and a decoder ring to find it.

note: yes, dave black is a real person. i know it's hard to believe.


xo, tara said...

haha this is hilarious! as is everything on this effin' blog! thanks for commenting on mine..my mind was blown when i saw your name because my boss laurie knows someone who knows you or something like that, and she told me about your blog last week and i've been totally obsessed ever since! i love all the gossip girl banter : ) i'm totally linking you!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...


i'm glad to have held this in my hands.

[the burn hole detail..whatwhat

.. db on coffee, awesome.

Anonymous said...

how come other people seem to have enough time to do this sort of thing when i can only dream

Stefanie said...

this person is insane

Beverly said...

did you let dave drink redbull again?

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