the new vintage

i took this lovely out of storage yesterday (uh and by "storage" i mean "the back of my closet".)
this was the first may-juh bag i ever bought, miu miu spring 05.
i was obsessed the second i saw it on the runway and got on the list and saved up until it was in the store. (i did my own thing with the crazy pins; i like mine better!)

(sidenote..for some perspective on how INSANELY expensive this brand- and all women's fashion- has really become, i BELIEVE i paid 450 for this. maybe 500. certainly no more than that. it is mostly canvas, true, but still...i miss those days)

the red tights made me do it, they wanted proper accompaniment.


laia. said...

Um whaat? I remember this bag. I love it. Ah! Did you wear red tights with yellow shoes and that bag? It sounds nutty but I have a feeling you could totally pull it off.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

what a good investment you made...thoit makes me think, isn't it funny how once this first big buy happens, it's so much easier to rationalize the next one..well, maybe not so much funny as uncanny.

Sarah said...

mm girl i'm drooling over that bag...and not just because i'm chubbers from missing some wisdom teefs as of friday. :]

Enfievre said...

i wanted this bag...your pin additions are way better. how about more pictures of your room? it looks rad.

White Lightning said...

i went with red on red, tights n shoes. i have to work up to red n yellow!!!

it is SUCH a slippery slope..once you buy one thing, you def start making up weird reasons why it's ok to keep buying.

as for home:
thank you! it's a crazy jumble.
i will do a post of my apartment; it's usually SUCH a mess though that taking pics would require...um..straightening up? comments keep referring to it as my "room" which makes me giggle; it is TWO rooms, OK?!? haahha. aww, my teenytiny place.

S. said...

Oh.MY.GOD I totally forgot I had this bag. And sold it. It feels very now, and would be great for summer.

Your blog makes me happy. Who said I need colour therapy, I can just come here! =D

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