nice suit

i've been listening to this song all morning.
i like this album all of a sudden; i've ignored it since it came out because connor's whole country thing annoys me, dunno why i am feeling it today.
he skips the best line in the song in the vid cuz it says "fuck", oh well, listen to the actual mp3

i went to a weirdo trippy party like this once in a deserted warehouse in brooklyn..edge do you remember that night..it feels like 97 lifetimes ago..

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edgecakez said...

ohhh, deserted brooklyn warehouse parties...those were the heady days of bojanglin'. we used to put in full work days boozin. and the light nights were sippin on 2 or 3 to-go ritas (RIP) outside the hat and just watching peeps go by.

why do i sound like some 90-yr-old grandpaps recounting his youth?


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