not the electric feel i was looking for

note to self: sometimes it's better not to know more about the boys behind the band.

apparently two goofballs that look and sound like twelve year olds. dunno what i was expecting but..?
i can't make out the last question but the since the answer was "vampire weekend" i hope the question was "who gets the gas face?"


Anonymous said...

Sexy and quiet is such a turn on! Good fucking album!

Anonymous said...

i think the last question was who deserves bad karma?

Anonymous said...

i fucking fucking fucking hate vampire weekend, kill me in the face!!!

MGMT is getting to be that way too, which is a shame cause electric feel is sexy as hell

they r cute tho!!

Anonymous said...

Wow 3rd bass!

White Lightning said...

very cute. very young. kind of silly.

i love the album though, i can't lie.

eff vampire weekend, that's why they get the gas face! (hellz YEAH, 3rd bass!)

Anonymous said...

mannnn, i love vamp weekend.

sleepyhead said...

i love mgmt. i saw them in london last fall, and they killed it. they weren't as cock-bastardy as they are in the interview. and puh-lease, who re-issued the head tie without my permission?

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