oh, you know me so well

i have gotten the gawker link to CHUCK BASS' flickr from a bunch of people..thank you thank you because i never read that site anymore and OBVS this is REQUIRED VIEWING.

first of all, no idea who THIS IS, but she is a dead woman walking:

but secondly..everyone is telling me he is gay.
besides gawker, everyone at work is like UM, DUH.
not that it matters, i will still dream about him and his smirk and his dirty one-liners and "i'm chuck bass" and intargia cardigans.

how am i supposed to get any work done today???


sleepyhead said...

sorry to break your bubble, but i totes thought he was gay as well. hrrrmmm, investigative journalism is much needed for this subject...

Leti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leti said...

Ohnoes! That is my man Tim Riggins (33) next to Nate Archibald.


The diegetic worlds of Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girl are not allowed to collide.

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