pictures of my mama taken by my papa a long time ago

fridays are a good day for retro inspiration.
if i can remember i want do this on the regs.
old family pictures time!

ok, first?
my dad was sort of insanely cool.

when he was 19 he moved to new york city, ah-mer-ee-ca from the motherland of GREECE and um obvs it was the late 60s..couldn'tcha tell? i have tons of polaroids of my dad like this, he loved a polaroid of himself just BEIN COOL.

tiny leather jacket and slightly belled jeans, i'm sorry but this looks sweet on dudes at any time.

momz was supercute as well; i have to look for my ab-so-lute fave picture of her where she is wearing highwaisted bellbottoms and a grey tee and a head scarf and superlong hair and she's like, hanging out at football field in college. it's adorable.
i love this one too though:

that looks like my grey AA cardigan...

family trivia that i do NOT want as foreshadowing: my mom broke her ankle in vienna when when she was 20 stepping off a train in 5 inch platforms. (glamorous! but horrible).
her ankle was jacked for life...this is a cautionary tale i get every time i show up at home in crazy shoes.
sidenote, i want to CRY every time i think about how she NEVER SAVED ANYTHING. which is why i am a packrat.

um, i have a serious love for polyester and prints and polyester prints.
it's obvs a genetic trait:

dominican great-grandma, greek grandma, dominican grandma.
i know. print insanity! and yes, my mom's mom was a superfox.

i sigh heavily on a very regular basis when i see pics of myself as a kid because MY HAIR WAS SO GOOD.

so SHINY and PERFECT bangs and sandy brown! god dammit.

ps, greek + dominican apparently = milkiest blindingiest whiter than white white lightning me. nooooooot sure how that math works.


T-Bonz said...

The whole family is featured except ME??? As revenge I should post the photo of you and Christopher on the potty together. Whatevs, man!

sleepyhead said...

this is some great stuff. and secretary blouses?? must-have!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

umm. hello. my mom was super styleE+threw out all her stuff. thus throwing me into a blind vintage shopping maze. apparently we both rat pack as reaction...it's all coming more and more clear of why the interiors of our homes are so likewise...
also. that story of mum+train+platforms=amazing!!

and true about grandma. stone cold fox.
and yes indeed, men should wear leather and bells all the damn time. it is my personal favorite look. perhaps it has something to do with watching dazed and confused like a bazillion times in high school. i dunno. but i like it.

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