shock me like an electric eel, karl.

i hate the sad summer dry spell between fashion weeks when you have to resort (ew, pun?) to lusting after cruise collections. whatever, i'm a junkie, i take it when i can get it.

i saw this pic last night and i was mezmerized. i WANT this HAIRCUT.
i have not cut my hair short since the hideous chop of '98 (my mom thought i was a lesbian, serious)...and vowed to never cut again. but i look at siri and i feel kind of...swayed...i may seriously consider it

doesn't this look like those weird dolls that you can open to see the baby inside and learn anatomy from? models are full of roses! but you already knew that.
i like it though. and i like matchy-matchy flower shoes.
'so busted it's good' category.

this is like the set-up for an amazing joke. A pervy frenchman, a german lunatic and anna wintour walk into a bar...


Unknown said...

i dunno, it looks like a bob with a shit load of styling stuff/sleeping on one side with it wet kind of thing.

then again i have been told i have the hair of a lioness so i don't know much about the subject in the first place. o_o

Anonymous said...

seriously that photo of oliver, karl and wintour is incredible!!

laia. said...

that picture of those 3 is amazing, i might have to print it out and carry it with me always like an amulet.

T-Bonz said...

Hmmmmm.....I may have to photoshop composite this together to see if this is a yay or nay.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

the hairs cut might be genius.
do a photoshp version and let's vote!

Robert said...

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