should i be upset?

wow. wow!
so...i guess i have new york city tunnel vision? that jaded cocoon of flippancy (is that a word?) that i assume most others have but maybe only new yorkers have and so when SO many people get VERY UPSET about my jokey commentary on MOVIE PROMO PICTURES, i guess i am just shocked?
that said, i do find the comments amusing. there was one that said he would rather get into the tub with a toaster and pop-tarts (mmm pop-tarts!) than have to write about this sort of thing, but the best comment BY FAR goes to his guy:

"Disturbing piece. Dear Elizabeth S********s, please write for Perez Hilton and not the NY Times. Who cares what the actors’ relationships are off-screen? I don’t care about yours. You are old enough to grasp that these women portray fictional characters. I can only imagine that you are one of those crazy fans who really wished these were real-life characters. That’s a compliment to the writing and acting on SATC. Go buy yourself some Manolo’s and pretend you’re hot, desirable and established like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte."

"disturbing" ! cuz i said that SJP looked like cha cha degregorio from grease! haaaahha. oh wow.

i am mostly thrown by people's reactions because the reason i CHOSE the pic was because it was so weirdly shot and a terrible way to promote this film (which is FICTION, right? it's so hard to grasp...) and that just seems so OBVIOUS? and i bust the outfits more than the women!
well, what can you do. i'm a lover not a fighter, baby.
haterz! i've made it!

UPDATEZ oh shit edition: front page of the times online. please, shield me from the vitriol that is going to spew forth from the SATC fanatics. i'm very fragile!


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i just pictured that guy dancing around his living room dressed as each of the SATC characters. i bet you can find videos of him acting out scenes from the show on youtube wearing bad wigs from ricky's.

he's so jealous of you for being a woman. eff him!

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

also. i'd just like to point out that he contradicts himself in his first point about the women being "fictional characters," and then calling them by their fictional names. durr!

Michelle said...

I thought your comments on SATC are hilarious, the guy's reaction seems to be..missing the point?

laia. said...

anyone that doesn't appreciate a cha cha di gregorio reference just sucks at life. seriously.

White Lightning said...

thanks gals !!

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