since i shouldn't covet, i guess i'll just buy

ok, ok. i bought them..i did.*
wow, yellow shoes!
(so good with navy tights.)

they seem happy, they fit right in.

oh, and fyi, did you know that i have a teeny-tiny harmonica that i wear as a necklace?
well i do. and it's pretty much the best thing ever.

*49 bones at nine west? you all need them.


microtard said...

think you should look into these! http://www.punitiveshoes.com/database/ballets/wanda.shtml

uh. i mean. maybe?

Amy Grace said...

To tell the honest truth, my friend linked me those same shoes about a month ago. And my response was "Yow, those are Fly Girl shoes." I admit it - I didn't get it. But they look SO GOOD ON. I get it now.

brendan donnelly said...

rape harmonica (whistle)

White Lightning said...

liz-beth microtard, here's the thing bout the fetish footwear, it's DEMENTED, and then it's NOT. because the way women's shoes are headed we are only 2 steps away from those. also, someone..i can't remember...DID those shoes in a recent season. if it wasn't dior/galliano, then he is also 2 steps away from produsing them.
some of the other styles on that site also tooootally seem like the starting point for the marc jacobs surrealism shoes and the subsequent mini=trend that came for "heel-less" footwear. just saying.

am i thinking too much? perhaps.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

dude, it's time for us to have a primary colors party.

laia. said...

love them!
your room looks awesome, too.

Unknown said...

my friends think i'm insane for wanting to caress those shoes. they don't know how sexy they are, this b tru fax.

Anonymous said...

mmm i love that skirt you are wearing in the harmonica necklace pic. nice.

White Lightning said...

thanksssss for the positive reinforcementz !

nicole: the skirt's from uniqlo!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! I haven't been shopping lately (coz pregnancy, birth'n all) and reading how happy these shoes made you (and buying them , most of all) it brought smiles to my face! Thanks for sharing that passion so sincerely! It's beautiful (and yes, I dare - more beautiful than the shoes! :) emotions come in more colors than yellow!).

lauren said...

i totally have a mini harmonica necklace too.

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