met gala? more like meh gala. (ZING! i've got jokes).
superhero theme people! come ON!
everything was soooo boringgggg. some were pretty, a lot of the couples looked very nice, but like..zzzzzzz. but. BUT!

anna wintour looked AMAZING. that dress is bonkerbananaville! rams horns on her hips? the press releases were saying "made exclusively for her by karl lagerfeld" and so i love to think of the kaiser with a thimble and one of those tomato pincushions, pinning silver spirals....(but i've seen signe chanel, i know the truth..all those madames working insanely around the clock, locked away in the attic...!)


hiiiii. hi chuck bass. hi.


Riikka Aaltonen said...

Okay, how goddamn HOT is Ed Westwick in that photo. I'm seriously drooling on my keyboard here.

White Lightning said...

I KNOW! i am dyingggg

July Stars said...

I love him, I love him, I love him

LDF said...

He's too pretty for me guys.....
I think I would like to see ram-hips without the matching jacket part.

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