this is probably what my brain looks like

more views into the it's-not-a-mess-it's-like-that-on-purpose-ness of my apartment.

clockwise from upper left:
dave's 17 yr old driver's license photo, photo booth pics of me & edge, baby pictures, a photo from a whole sheet of school pictures of this melancholy nerdy boy that i bought bc i was sad that no one wanted them, more baby pics with my foxy grandma, me n edge: the details days, a ethpanish snack bag from edge, japanese candy from christian, the key to my old bike lock (omg i used to have a bike), me n my sis nye 2006, me n dave v-day party insanity, my mom as a teenager, my fave frida painting, my godson, last fall balenciaga ads that i love so much.

grand royal rollerskate magnet! totally ordered it for like 1.00 S&H from the back of the mag in like, 10th grade. sonic youth magnet from the washing machine tour, show at the academy..probs 1995? no idea why i wanted it, it was just a very pleasing object to me.


edgecakez said...

awww, whatchutalkingbout willis polaroiddddd! olden dayz. glad to have so much fridge representation.


White Lightning said...

i know, wtf? why is my REFRIGERATOR a SHRINE to you? awwww cuz i misssss you, i guess.

Enfievre said...

i have that frida picture framed. you should totally come to philly to see the frida exhibit. its really awesome.

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