true story

you know what? if i was a gay dude, i would be steve aka poliopoliopolio.
this is the conclusion i have to come to when i see this kind 0f amazing epicness:

i mean, anyone who texts me at noon to ask if he should buy highlighter yellow pants is totes kindred. (obvs, my answer was simply "YES").
we have IM conversations sometimes that are so deep in the retard fashion goofball reference rabbit hole that i am like, we should be top level CIA agents because NO ONE WOULD BE ABLE TO CRACK THE CODES.

i mean, look at those pants, you guys.
i heart you stevie, trueslerz


hard liquor; soft holes said...

Awwwwww. Thanks!! I'm so flattered I am making this comment from an AIRPLANE

gnarlitude jen said...

i saw that post. he has great style.

Stefanie said...

yesterday my best friend and boy-twin texted me asking if he should buy gladiator sandals...
from the women's section...
I said yes too and they're excellent.
Next are those pants plz.

ps. something for the Hateorialist log: His latest interview question for his style "profiles" is
I only buy __________ in Europe. barf

pps. if you're wondering who I am I'm nobody just a huge fan of this blog

carrie / wishwishwish.net said...

oh my. they look like they'd glow in the dark! haha

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

love him.
love you.

where are the pants from?

i want 'em.

ohsarah said...

oh lawwwd gimme those pants.
i almost bought a pair of yeller ones the other day so i could have some banana legs.

Belle said...

yay a non scenester take on highlighter color pants! he is my new hero.

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