the V train is like molasses, my commute seems endless

wednesday morning, summertime steez

thrift sto' cut off hawaiian dress (yet another collection i need to curb)
the old miu miu, here to stay for the summer (i think)
dark grey AA long cardigan (i am addicted to it, i hate that i love AA so much)
weird off-white victorian shoe boot things? i cut the tongues out, i like it better.
iced coffee. lots of it. lots.


Riikka Aaltonen said...

My god, that is a kickass cardigan!

I love AA as well, but since we don't have any stores retailing it in Finland I have to settle for the occasional online purchases.
It's a shame that they have grotesquely large shipping fees. :/

White Lightning said...

seriously, i bought it a month ago and now i wear it everyday.

i CANNOT believe they aren't all over europe yet! geez how much can it be to mail stuff to finland??? dov, you tyrant!

Sarah said...

aa is the JAM.

Anonymous said...

waking up for coffee in the morning makes everything better, honestly

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