worth a thousand words

rogan party last night...bowery & bond. (the store is open, ya shopaholics)
open bar with 40s.

my head this morning...it hurts.

ps the DJ played 1979 by the smashing pumpkins and the kids went wild. are we there already?


laia. said...

It's been 13 years.
I think we are there.

Leti said...

YES we are totally there. 1979 is the new James Laid

Emily said...

who isn't nostalgic for 7th grade?

White Lightning said...

it came out in 95...which was the beginning of my senior year of high school. i am, sadly, a tad OLDER than mosta you gals.

7th grade nostalgia for me is sassy magazine and my first "compact disc" player.

holy shit, am i dead yet?

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