all work and no play makes me cranky

i would rather be spending my afternoons and evenings like this:

wearing funny hats and drinking 2 dollar wine with good friends in nice apartments.

instead i am workin' on some freelance because i needs some cash money money for my trip to spain in 2 weeks. and it has put me on a social hiatus/hermit status.

posting will be spotty for the next few days...cry for me, argentina


Emily Sher said...


White Lightning said...

o. m. g.

what in the WHAT is THIS?!???

jenny's MASH is like, SO BEYOND INCREDIBLE. holy shit.

laia. said...

oh man, my friends and i used to buy irish rose and drink it at the parking lot in the mall.

laia. said...

in high school. sorry im a little loopy from the plane.

S. said...

You have been tagged. ;)


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