don't argue, he's the strongest man alive

graham smith & KGW (one of my most favorite bands/dudes/dude and his band of all time) is giving away his newest record for FREE.
like, free.
legal tender not necessary.

are we following?
let's recap:
album: Yes, Boss cost: nothin'.

CLICK THIS AND DOWNLOAD IT, it will feel so goooooooood i swear

he has been getting the word out and people are like, not understanding because we are all such JADED SUSPICIOUS A-HOLES and things like this sound too good to be true.

please don't be confused, just enjoy.

ps, i highly recommend all 9000 of the other records (graham is nothing if not PROLIFIC) that he has out there..i have deep personal affection for ponyoak, final battle and smith but they are all good. i was a fan before he was my friend and so i am telling you this cuz i MEAN IT. but since he is my friend you should actually DO IT. (i would call him a bro but i think he would puke on me over IM).

pps just last night i was reminiscing about when hi-fi on B was actually BROWNIES and the last show i ever saw there was Kleenex Girl Wonder in 2002 right after i moved back to NYC. oh, memoriesssssss.

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