FACT ABOUT LIFE, not a shocker department: ece loves candy.
gummy candies here are called gominolas and there are pick-n-mix stores pretty much uhhhh... everywhere? (i posted about how you can buy pickled tiny baby onions there too..yummmm). i love the little fried egg !!

this definitely entertained us for a good half hour.
uh...blame the wine? (and beers? and more beer?)

here's what happens after too much of all the above:


oh ps, i am kinda obsessed with my new bag that borracha mcgypsytown is curled around..it's the best thing at forevz 21 right now, super marc-y with a long strap and a little handle at the top? you should get it! i love it.


edgecakez said...

hey, hey. OYE. gominola addiction is a REAL problem, bo. LUCKILY i can QUIT any time i want.

(i was gonna try to retain some DIGNITY by pointing out the fact that i am passed out on a LEDGE and not the GROUND but really, what's the difference people.)

hard liquor; soft holes said...

yay!! posts! looks like you're having a BLAST.

Leti said...

Guapa, I think I have an entire flickr set of those egg candies. I LOVE them. Also the candy store is called Bombonero, also also whats the deal with how they consider a normal marshmallow to be candy, and sell them in different shapes, but lets say you want to make rice krispie treats, no marshmallow in a package to be found! ok leti's spain baggage rearing ugly head.

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