greetings from satan's backyard

since i am writing this i guess i am still alive. but just BARELY because it is FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DEGREES in new york city and i am not entirely sure that humans can survive in this heat.

i have spent the weekend standing in front of air conditioners and whining about how i am dying.

my brain is probably melted. which is why i think that um...maria shriver is wearing awesome shoes?

they are quite kindred to the comme ones that i want:

it's a bummer that they cost about $600 bones. if i had a time machine i am fairly certain i could go to 1994 and buy them at the wild pair in the garden state plaza for about 40 dollars.


PS. does anyone else hate summer wardrobes? i hate dressing for sweating. blerg.


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i actually like those a lot. they look similar to some i got last summer that i either get compliments on, or "oh yeah m-l, um, you can always pull off anything," which is code for, "if i look at those things again, i'm gonna barf."

(nevermind my sexy expression. that's my real daddy beside me, not my sugar daddy.)

brendan donnelly said...

ha ha ha its sunny and chilly in sf

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much I'd rather be dressing for the cold. I love jackets and jeans and leather etc so much that its insanely unfair I should have to dress in anything else (which is why you'll find me now in racerback tanks with jeans and boots and a light jacket brought along in hopes the weather goes awry and beings craze winds & pours down rain!)

JLKING said...

since my whole wardrobe is based on salt lake city, where i went to school, EVERYTHING i own is based on it being cold outside.

now im in kentucky and want to kill myself.

i'm too hot to even put anything on which makes going to work a slight problem...

but i love swim suits.

Anonymous said...

ditto on dressing for the summer. spring - light and airy and breezy, summer = gross!

at least you get sun. it's raining here in seattle and it's june!

Anonymous said...

come to portland elizabeth! it's about 70 something (when the sun is out, which apparently only happens in july and august).

sleepyhead said...

ugh gross! i hate summer, it is by far my least favorite season. i see no reason why i wake up and put on clothes just to sweat through them even with the a/c turned on. it is going to be 101 in philly! um why? who is benefitting from the humidity? surely not my hair, nor my blouses which end up sticking to my back, nor my skirts that still feel too long! arggggggh.

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