i bought too many pairs of shoes on this trip.

new favorite summer outfit?

i bought these locosauce sandals in madrid..they are all suede fringe craziness!
kinda so not my steez in a way, but like..we saw them and we both we crazy for them and so i had to buy them.
that plus a denim h&m tunic-y almost dress
plus a skirt i stole from ece, her sister B thrifted it in virginia, it's spandex with a crazy red n black n white floral print aaannnnd i love it to death.

oh plus teenytiny gold purse that i bought for 7 euro from the vintage store that i took this picture in...the place was called Holala and they had some really good stuff. i also got crazy 60's shoes for 9 euro, i'll take a pic later.

Holala was in the section of madrid that edge and i loved the best; it's a neighborhood between malasaña and chueca and we found a bunch of thrifts and cool stores and best of all, an AMAZING old bar called palentino that you could just tell was the old man hangout before the hood became cool and now all the people our age are there...

we walked past it and were like..we want to be in there. so we watched the turkey/germany soccer game there wednesday night and hung out for hours. draft beers were 1 euro and you could get a giant jamon bocadillo for 1.80.

ece was obsessed with the bartender. she named him tio pepe. here is her love picture of him. he's making someone a bocadillo.

he winked at me when i helped an aussie with no spanish order a sammich to go. BECAUSE TIO PEPE AIN'T GOT TIME FOR ENGLISH! c'mon now.


July Stars said...

So you're hanging out with Tio Pepe in Madrid? The last pic reminds me so much of my childhood summers spent in Barcelona!

laia. said...

man, this looks like the best vacation ever. people should pay you to show them a good time wherever they go.
(uh, not in THAT way!)

piña said...

YAY! you benches found the sandals!! I am so jells of your thrifting expeditions. y que majo tio pepe!

Enfievre said...

those nu shooz are awesome. i need a spanish vacation!

edgecakez said...

bo, you totes forgot the skirt at the crib! oopsy dooops, looks like you have to come back!

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