i just do what i feel

obvs i had to buy espadrilles, i am in SPAIN, DUH

the shoe stores here are crazy. there are 75,000 shoes in the window and inside shit is stacked to the ceiling and then you're like..umm 39 por favor? and then the dude climbs a 600 foot ladder and finds the box somehow.

ok, these were in a clearance bin and so it was a different experience but that is what happens usually. they are mustard yellow and actually have a tiny wedge and like, a slingback. i was never into this kind of thing before but now i love them.

i took this pic in FLOW, which a skateshop in san sebastian..it's owned by ece & matias' friends asier and danny (BF of miss perfect hair christine). it is supercool so if you are headed that way...check it out.

i def had to cover my face because this was after our one day at the beach; it was SO HUMID and HOT and i was, how do you say? SO NOT CUTE.


Tavi said...

AHHHHH shoe heaven! Those shoes are so cute (love slingbacks) and I bet they're quite versatile.

sleepyhead said...

omg i know those days when its so hot the mascara melts off your lashes! mustard yellow is a really great color, alot of peeps reserve it for fall but i think its year-round. chea!

Leti said...

girl you know i am wearing "an unmarried woman" espadrilles all summer they are perf.

Sarah said...

oy i'm a sucker for mustard anything! those kicks are too cute!


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