i keep thinking "olite" is a swear word

SOMEONE, i won't say WHO but her name rhymes with...um..ok wait, nothing rhymes with it. ok, fine ECE is complaining that i am only posting pictiures of her where she looks like a lunatic.

fair enough.

look! she is normal and very much adorable.

(i brought her some red st mark's rayban specials from the US of A...)

we went to a castle in olite on one of my first days here, it was kind of amazing. so HUGE and labyrinthine (that's what she said) (omg saying that is the nerdiest addiction that i have, btw)

did i mention that this bitch is married? here's her husband, matias:

oh look. it's us.

joder. it was so hotttttttttt that day.
good lord, i am SO WHITE. it's horribly upsetting.

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