i won't try to hide it

i love yvan. i do. i really really do.
i mean, if you read this dang blog you know this to be true.
if you are my friend keren and saw me seyeball my way through an evening with him last summer than you really really know.

let's tell truths here, HOW CAN YOU NOT?
go to the videotape: the face, the accent, the outfit, the insanity. HEARTS ALL AROUND.

The Youngest Club Kid in Town


sleepyhead said...

the puffy cheeks that you want to eat for breakfast? i know! and how adorable is that little brushing-the-bangs-out-of-the-way at the end?

not keren said...

he is totes cute. why do you think i was on the make! he was way confusing though. red lipstick. top hat... (although when we hung out with him it was a red plaid maternity shirt, but stilllll)

it so totally makes sense he took a picture of that balenciaga hamburger combo meal

braddie said...

He is really cute though. Truths should be shared in life.

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