if found, please call 867-5309.

these 2 lunatics
Professor David A. Lion of Judah Black Ark of the Covenant and Mr Brendan Donnelly Bdonns Imus Hardest Lurking Man in Showbiznezz, Esquire
by the state of new york and the coalition for a reggae-filled bromantic lower ludlow experience:

they were last seen trolling the haight for hackey sacks, devil sticks, and blues traveler bootlegz.

please return them immediately to:
white lightning HQ
c/o the lady lightning

ask for janice.

ps. i miss you guys, WTF

1 comment:

brendan donnelly said...


buy a ticket to LA. we going to reno to gamble in a few days!

we miss you more than a fat kid miss cake


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