it's what i would call CHALLENGING

jack and lazaro really seem to be GOING FOR IT, don't they? have you seen this new shoe?

i say why NOT? who doesn't want the memphis bookcase for their feet?

other references that come to mind: lydia deets (winona's stepmom in beetlejuice) [EDIT: DELIA DEETS! winona is LYDIA! fuck, i am losing it. corection by way of my sis who has DELIA as a personal fashion icon], cosby sweaters, caboodles. A K A I LOVE THEM.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i kind of get a peggy bundy vibe. the elastic, the hot pink and black dot pattern. man, i want to make out with both of them on separate occasions.

laia. said...

haha, this is brilliant.
I dont understand why everyone is making a big deal about their "new" shoe line when they already have a shoe line out. Nevertheless, I want these so so so so bad.
and i echo the above sentiments regarding the making out.

T-Bonz said...

Delia's the mom, yo. Lydia is Nonie's all-in-black charcter. But it is EX-tremely deets-esque.

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