nature vs nuture

left: lil ol me, age three. super nerd glasses and awesome bangs in the apartment on 66th street where i lived as a wee terror.
right: me, last september at thecast's runway show at st mark's church. (photo by d black, and sa-weeet tote by mr brendan donnelly)

i mean, i remember def being CHEEKY in the second pic and being like, oh hey MISTER PHOTOGRAPHER, suuuure take my picture! jokey funny ha-ha! but APPARENTLY i subconsciously LOVE THIS POSE.

sidenote, i have also realized that there are only 3 dresses that i like to wear in the super heat of summer and they are both pictured above (i obvs have an osh kosh b'gosh overalls dress that i still wear now. with sandals prety much like those. 26 years later. is this an issue?)


brendan donnelly said...

house of "spirt"-dakis.
amazing poses. is that black chick naomi?

hard liquor; soft holes said...

it's obvious to me that ms. spiridakis is a RACIST. i mean, how could she have written about amy winehouse AFTER SHE SANG A RACIST SONG.

E-RACISM, ms. spiridakis. E-RACISM.

ps. i just ordered those lichtenstein shorts from ON. psyched psyched psycheeeeedddd!

July Stars said...

Aged 3 and aged 26: identical pose! I'll come back to this blog to check out the way you pose at age 40! Hahahaha

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