new ideal

i guess i haven't blogged it before but i am pretty much obsessed with bryanboy. i mean, cmon. you HAVE to love him. or at least be amused by him.

he's BEYOND next level. he is like, secret B-A-B-A-SELECT-START ultra hard to get to level.

he has like, every statement bag of every season and wears high heels and has tons of insane designer shizz and it's like, mainly girl's stuff.
i can't even find my favorite pic of him where he's wearing tiny denim cut-offs and black tights and oxfords and a cardigan, like some swedish girl on facehunter or something.

so you get the picture?

ok, so, MARC JACOBS is obsessed with him too and named a BAG after him. but forget THAT what's even AMAZINGER is that the new F/W marcbymarc ads are basically based on him. we call it HOMAGE.

live the fucking DREAM, brah.

ps, cole mohr, you are EVERYWHEREEEE. and....wearing dresses a lot of the time. just saying.

pics from bryanboy & tfs
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