oh, you don't say!

ummmm wellll i have been TAGGED by the lovely miss search for chic...how very BLOGGY of me! ok i will try to be interesting, here we go:

SIX QUIRKS, a true story. by white lightning

1: i am addicted to collecting. i have so many collections. if you have ever been to my apartment you know this for sure, it's a teeny tiny space crammed with stuff.
some collections:
paint-by-number paintings
vintage canisters (tea, sugar, coffee, et al)
needlepoint pillows & pictures
horse thangs (paintings, figurines, lamps, etc etc etc dear lord etc),
plastic 80s charms for my ever-growing necklace
other people's old photos
polaroid cameras
vintage doll parts (i like teeny arms and hands! sorry! i know it's so weird, i like piling them up on a table! i dont have body parts in the freezer, i sweeeaaaarrrrr)
fruit shaped pins
perfect circle 60s sunglasses
vintage intargia cardigans (with cars, unicorns, chevrons, etcccc)

i am stopping there because i sound insane.
most of these are on forced hiatus until i live in an airplane hangar. because i need to be able to walk around in my house.

2: i like hot sauce in most things i will consume. beer (mmm micheladas!!! i am telling you it is DELICIOUS), sandwiches, soup, i am pretty sure anything savory can be improved with sriracha or cholula.

3: i hate being called liz. with a burning fiery passion.
there are exceptions- anyone who has known me from before the age of 17 (when i went to college and was free of the tyranny of teachers deciding your nickname) can and usually does call me liz (mom and dad, at times, included) and i sort of don't hear it from them because i am used to it. BUT. BUUUT. if i meet you now? and you decide, on your own, that after i say, 'hi, i'm elizabeth', you will then call me liz?...i can't lie, you get a teensy tiny black mark in my mind. i HATE IT. the sound of it, its like...gutteral. i hate the way it looks, too.
sidenote, 'lizzie' is adorbs and i love it but only my momz ever calls me that, sadface!

4: i can..um...turn my legs backwards? this is gross and hysterically personal. it's basically something i would do at summer camp when i was 11 to freak everyone out. picture first position, ballet steez, backwards.

5: i have 4 girlfriends that i have had since i was 10. we all met at the aforementioned sleepaway camp and i still see them all the time. well, one has moved to SF and left the rest of here in NYC but still.
i think they would all agree that if we met NOW we would probably not be spending a ton of time together- an upper west side lawyer for white collar crimez, an upper east side mom of 2 that works at a hedge fund, a brooklyn filmmaker ex-expat who runs her kinda famous family's photo archive (she's the one who told me i cast spells!!! haa), a now-in-berkeley dual-degree pursuer who will likely be changing medicine in 3rd world countries and...me. do we need a reality show? (mental note, call bravo.)

i often wonder what people think when they see us all out at dinner...it makes me laugh.
all i can say is, there is something extremely comforting and freeing about spending time with friends who've known you for 20 years. (holy. CRAP!). you can pretty much say or do anything in front of them.

6: i love stale candy. peeps, gummy bears, jellybeans, twizzlers: ALL better after they are kinda hard and chewy and..stale. (putting them in the freezer produces a reasonable facsimile)

dios MIO. did you read all that? you're a trooper! i talk way too much.

i will tag the usual suspects (they may balk at this endeavor): bdonns, louise, kat, steve, carlen, and also laia and sleepyhead.

this is the most bloggy shit i have ever done.


xo, tara said...

micheladas?! A+++
i feel you on that one girrrl. and random sidenots, ben, the frontman of band of horses, loves himself a michelada too! (and i honestly only felt the need to share that because i am so totally obsessed with him in a scary, creepy kind of way.)

p.s. kudos to you for being, by far, the funniest blogger evs. you kill me every time.

brendan donnelly said...

you're apartment is crafty aunt status

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

yay for too many collections. i'm with you on the polaroids, needlepoints, cannisters, i have an avon figurine collection--not exactly dollparts but still useless and for tables, charms [not 80's awesome but many hearts--to be turned into an epically amazing nexcklace one day], and sunglasses...i could outfit a fucking tribe..we could do a really stupendous intallation one day.

and yes old friends. love them so epically, no matter how fiercely different.

y caliente. mi chica. we are going to have a hot sauce party at my new home. can't wait.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

o. and i have the flower pin collection going...let's play dress up in all at once.

microtard said...

I did read it all! I abso HATE Liz too and am in the same boat re: people from elementary school times still calling me that but NO ONE new. Hate looking at those 3 tiny letters, plus- rhymes with jizz, you feel me?

Stale gummy bears! I thought I was the only one! I love that fine line between chewy candy and "sucking candy" ...

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