teeny tinerson

i sat across from thom browne on the subway this morning (uptown F, he got on at 14th for all you T. B. stalkers out therrr) .
here is a reasonable facsimile of the scene, i made it for you [not pictured: my giant sunglasses, iced coffee, sweaty strangers]:

he was so...THOM BROWNE! the teensiest little jacket with a tiny coat and shortened sleeves and leeeetle shorts and a skinny tie tucked into the waistband of the shorts and even his TIE CLIP was a SPECK of a thing.

teeny. tiny. short. shrunken.

very committed to his look, i must say.


laia. said...

reading your description i imagined thom browne as david the gnome riding a fox on the F.

brendan donnelly said...

i thought that was michael scott from "the office" season 1 when his hair was thinning out

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