una post pequeno

so i guess my vacation vacation has become a blogging vacation too, what can i say, it's hard to get the time!
i have 9 million pictures and observations and stories.
they will probs all be posted next weekend when i am home.
once i am back to my regularly scheduled lightningness.

there is ONE THING that needs a teensy post:

joder, chuck.
estos son pantalones MUY cortos.

gossip girl summer episodes are coming!!!!
como se dice 'FUCK YEAH'?!?? (wait, i actually learned last night, it's 'DE PUTA MADRE' which translates as a very bad thing but you say it for good things.)

today me and ece are going to madrid for a few days, hopefully on friday i can get it together to post all the stuff i want to?
there is SO MUCH: i am obsessed with abuela fashion (best shoes ever!), everyone here has bangs, and basques love a tiny bangs n' dreaded mullet combo that i cannot get over. they also favor a serious dropped crotch hammer pant silhouette that i secretly think looks awesome, although i keep that to myself (and ece).

also i have eaten all the guindillas (pickled hot pepperzzz) in the basque country.

oh, and i also love that you buy pick-n-mix of pickled things for snacks at the candy store. cebollitas...um teeny pickled onions? like SO FUCKING GOOD i can't even stannnnnd IT. dios. MIO.

ps, they tell me i speak spanish like a mexican.


edgecakez said...

"perooooo, how can i blog it all?"

chaskis ELLY, don't forget about the chaskissss. i'm not letting you leave btw. ever!

laia. said...

im loving your spanglish posts!
it sounds like youre having a blast.

i am loving chuck in short shorts. mmm. seriously.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

de puta madre? of bitch mother? hmmm...

i think chuck's legs are gordito. that outfit is un pocito humpty dumpty-ish if you ask me. lo siento, chica.

July Stars said...

Ay, no me gusta estos pantalones. Son demasiado cortos. Chuck, put your trousers back on ... You're not sexy in those mini tight shorts.
Happy vacaciones!

Sarah said...

chuck in shortshorts?


Unknown said...

lolol, bitch mother? i think. man, 5th grade ghettohood comes back to haunt me. this is why i hang out in chinatown.

Anonymous said...

it's okay... they told me that I spoke Spanish like a Puerto Rican... one day someone will get it right

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