wanted: silver dress, tuit suite

i am obsesssssed with the thakoon resort collection, where did that come from?
it's so..odd and pretty/ugly and cool. to my eye there seems to be more than just a little of a marc jacobs influence here, but since when is that a bad thing?

i am so into sheer knee high socks right now too, that may be part of why i am freaking out so much but jeeeeez, make me SWEAT you a little more why don't you, thakoon ???


hard liquor; soft holes said...

is it weird that i'm kinda really into the isaac mizrahi resort collection? i love the sherbert + balenciaga for ladies who lunch shapes + long calvin klein-y skirts + nanouk of the bilbao.

White Lightning said...


i was posting about isaac next. the collection is SO GREAT

laia. said...

i loved it too! and im getting a pair of sheer knee-highs as soon as the money returns to me. totally obsessed.

FactoryGreen.com's Official Blog said...

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Michelle said...

I'm obsessed with that sheer socks and strappy sandals combo..

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