when life imitates the onion

wtf is happening, people? IS NOTHING SACRED?
does strawberry shortcake need a CELL PHONE and a more "fruit-forward" diet??!?

i can't read this and take it seriously:

On top of her new toy line, Strawberry Shortcake is getting a new computer-animated movie and a new TV series, starting next year. This time, in keeping with contemporary nutritional concerns, the franchise will downplay the sugary dessert theme and move, as Mr. Conrad put it, “fruit-forward.”

“It’s also about creating a cohesive line,” Mr. Conrad said. “We’re downplaying characters that were part of Strawberry’s world but who didn’t immediately shout out fruit.”

as for her style makeover: while i am enjoying a fahion-forward high-waisted short over striped tights, i miss her brown lace-ups (and pinafore!)

i used to have her record and listen to it on my disco light record player. i remember a song about blue suspenders, unclear if said suspender-wearer was a fruit-shouting character. i will have to wait and see.

from nyt via nymag


edgecakez said...

BO. I KNOW. so upsetting, i can't even. i loved strawberry shortcake and had the doll AND the record AND freakin strawberry shortcake SNEAKERS. fuck this new strawberry hocake! they were like, ditch the CAT and throw in a T-MOBILE SIDEKICK. what is the world coming to? this is like a stab in the HEART, bo (i bleed strawberries).

Amy Grace said...

Not to go all crazy feminist about the whole thing, but isn't this change in her outward appearance just another example of how we're oversexualizing children? Because the first thing I thought was "Wow, when did 'Cakes get that mane? And tiny nose? And clothes that accentuate her (lack of) body? Where is the poofy dress and unrealistic face? WHY IS STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE HOT?"

Then I cried.

Alright. End feminist rant.

Anonymous said...


her name is...


aka. not a fruit forward item, namely a dessert!wttttffff

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