yes oh yes

i am leaving for some VACATIONTIMES, off to spain to see my b.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f. and join the basque separatists (i KEED, thats a JOKE..i think?)

i can't think of a good song for spain...so here is some MADONNA.

that's spanish, close enough

blogging may be nonexistent til i am back in new york hating everything again..(i KEED, thats a JOKE..i think?)



laia. said...

yay vacations! have a safe trip and eat lots of chorizo!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

have super funs! bring me home 9 beaded boleros, please.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

chorzo y flan y mojitos (i know they aren't native there. but they make'em real nice) y sangria y fans para mi.
bon vacances mademoiselle.

can't wait to hear all about it and have rooftop drinks upon your return--just bought a blender..it's getting serious.

we could grow up 2gether said...

this reminds me of love in highschool

vatoz chef said...

yay bo! you're here! wake up already, geez.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! Have fun, enjoy your vacation and come back with a killer tan!

Unknown said...

without hate there is neither the need nor the desire to...blog?

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