5 steps to happiness

ohhhhh spanish snacks ! i miss you.
CHASKIS are like..saltless frito rings.

here is how you enjoy them:

1. appreciate the lovely clear bag and 70's type.

2. apply to fingers

3. savor them. (obscene finger gestures optional)

4. make sure you got it all

5. give the ok that's it time to reload..MAS CHASKIS !


piña said...

I LOVE chaskis....they are like crack! I also LOVE piña foto demos!

edgecakez said...

chaskissssssssssssssss! ohhhhh bo, come back! i have a bag waiting PARA TIIIIII!


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

they're like hula hoops, my favorite british crisp. finger loops are the best.

KATLIN said...

This is cute! Love your blog!

White Lightning said...

chassskiissssss foreverrrrr

yay yay yay

and thanks katlin

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