the blues are still blue

saturday monochrome..hey,why not?

1 the neon nail color this week is called "lightning blue" (hey now!). i am undecided..is it cool or gross? too juvenile? (says the girl in knee socks)
2 more sheer knee socks courtesy of the hipster gap
3 navy sneaks from spain
4 eelskin bag from the ave a flea (RIP)


Anonymous said...

i actually really like the blue nail polish, and i'm almost always against weird nail colors.. so i don't think it's too juvenile or gross at all!

Anonymous said...

I love these sheer knee socks so much!

White Lightning said...

thanks celestee, i think i am gonna keep it. but i am doing pink next..

jen, GET THEM !!

Tavi said...

Love the title. YAY B&S (am I right?)
I like the nail polish. NOT GROSS. I like your orange neon nails too :D
And my dad is a poop with no sense of direction so I couldn't find the sunglasses!! I'll manage though. One more reason to visit again soon.

Anonymous said...

i love to wear bright blue nail varnish - it adds a little slightly 'off' edge to everything. just discovered your blog btw, and i love it!

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