but think of all the joy i bring !

before you consider me as a houseguest, i should probably be honest about the mess.

i try to be neat but it just never happens? ooooopsydoopsydoops.


laia. said...

those boots are killer!

July Stars said...

Call it organized chaos, that's what my sister always says to me when I complain about her flat being a complete mess!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

we have this in common, of course.
on a road trip, it only takes me 5 minutes explode my giant carryall into the back of a car.

sleepyhead said...

well at least your boots are effing bomb. who needs a clean room when you've got an amazing wardrobe?

edgecakez said...

oh twatevs! you bring multiple bottles of cholula and help clean up the dishes. that makes you a perfect houseguest in my book. plus, i just pretend your clothespile is my clothespile and that makes it all ok.

White Lightning said...

yaaaay thanks everyone. the boots are oooollllddddd. i have like, 900 pairs of boots. its weird, i dont wear boots so much anymore but i always wear them on planes (with leggings) and wearing them in spain felt kinda good again. i have to sell some though. i have entirelllyyyyy too many.

and thanks bo, i'm glad i was a good housegues. I AIM TO PLEASE !!

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