does it mean "mud pit" in cockney slang or something??

this "glastonbury" that you speak of...is it SUPPOSED to be a giant mud pit?
why does everyone (except these 2 gals here) wear knee high wellie boots?
cuz of that old pic of kate moss in teeny shorts and rain boots? boring!

i love these two.
the girl on the right is just...so cool. i want an afro.

the girl on the LEFT? this one made me laugh out loud.
first of all? her name is hermoine. btw, i wasn't sure that was a real name. i thought it was made up harry potter language like muggles and snozzberries. (wait..i think snozzberries are charlie and the chocolate factory...)
also? while she is attending an event where 98% of the other attendees need to wear rubber boots because of the presumably inclement weather, ol' hermione is wearing a HIP-LENGTH FUR.
fur?!? how cold is it in england in july?
c'mon now hermione...really?


sleepyhead said...

you know what's really annoying about hernia/hermoine/whatever? you can tell she's trying really hard. like reaaaaaaaaally hard.

Anonymous said...

YES Glastonbury is a big old mud pit. It is also cold and rainy and hot and sunny at the same time, plus the girl on the left probably thought that the fur coat was a good time when she bought it from the Oxfam stall, just after taking some MDMA or something right before she entered the fourth dimension in the portaloos.

also, yes it is cold in England in summer - like come on, we're famous for that!

July Stars said...

I can confirm that Glastonbury is a huge mud pit and wellies are just essential ...

Enfievre said...

wasnt that name invented by jk rowling?

White Lightning said...

oooh the 4th dimension!!! haahahaa. ok, i mean, really? i want to live somewhere where its cold enough for FUR in july! its a giant sweaty sweatfest here in new york and its just..grosssss

Hanna Hanra said...

well then move to London! there's loads of advantages - rain in July (like today), fur and sunglasses weather takes up most of the year, and you can talk in a dick van dyke mockney cockney accent! PLUS all fashion PRs look like Eddy Monsoon.

And thats THE TRUTH

White Lightning said...

ok, well, then i am MOVING. can i use cockney rhyming slang? and call people a "berk" and they will know i mean "c*nt"?

fur in the summer seems so decadent and insane. UK, ALL THE WAY.

also, HH, dont TEASE ME About EDDY MONSOON, she is SACRED TO ME !

Unknown said...

Ahhh! I loved that outfit! I thought her shoes were stupid too, but I loved LOVED that fur coat. As someone who is always freezing unless it's 85 or higher, I would probably wear a fur coat every day in the UK. That's probably why I'll never live there....: (

Hanna Hanra said...

i am serious about Edina; she doth live among us!! honest guv! also, erm, yeah you can use the word berk, but it doesnt mean lady parts, its more the equivalent of idiot to be honest.

also also re: the fur coat, you cant wear them in the rain. they get all soggy like a wet dog. but you can put a newspaper on top of your head, (only a cheap one) and run through the puddles to jump on the (double decker bus)

White Lightning said...

duh, i know, you use it to call someone an idiot (i watch the boosh, i am DOWN) but like, it literally came from cunt, no? well anyways.

Hanna Hanra said...

no, a cunts a cunt and a berks a berk. no one uses berk much though, its a bit of lost lexicon.... maybe you mean twat?

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