don't let it become monday

today the breeders played a free show at mccarren pool.
i know! i shoulda been all over that, right?
little known fact: i HATE outdoor concerts. i get hot and everyone seems like an asshole.
and so, i have never made it to mccarren, for anything. i feel fine about this.

dave (he's back!!) and turner tried to make it happen but they lost patience with the mayhem and left. i was already in williamsburg trying to make some YEN by selling my wares at beacon's closet (another exercise in annoyance)

we all decided we were too old and cranky and had a drink instead.

spirit dad in the house!
dave is back from california and he brought a beard and a ponytail with him.

turnstyle had on these amaaaaazingggg patent leather melon-y colored wedges on from kork-ease. seriously best.

after we begged turner for a ride back to the LES we walked to duane reade and decided that both of our apartments need a major scrubdown (he had dirtbag subletters, i am just lax in the HOUSEWORK department)

i have no idea where i am going to put a mop.
for the record, the entire moppable area of my apartment is about 4 feet square.

we were causing a ruckus (duh)


laia. said...

i wanted to make it to the breeders too but i am not a fan of standing in like like a chump.
i will brave the outdoors next saturday for siren, though, i gotta get some malkmus in my life.

Always In Style said...

Selling at Beacon's Closet is an exercise in frustration for sure.

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