everything looks worse in black and white

hey so what'd you do saturday night, dudes? did i see you at THE INSTANT?
the answer better be 'obvsssss'.

as expected, the show was top notch. the company was top-per.

lovely lady lou, the amazing co-curator. she was wearing epic tiny gold shorts. amazing.
the show was so great, besos for miss besos.

wall o' kissin!

i spy with my little eye...stevie, mary-louise & mike, jacqueline, michael & me & a 4th o' july hotdog...

someone got a haircut! heyyy nowwwww. spirit dad was fun while it lasted but i do like me a clean cut DBlack.

lou's lovely shoes. what are they? i didn't even ask! poor form.

teenytinerson polaroid candies!

cute cute totes. i forgot to buy one, i hope i still can.

the always amazing kat. look at those yellow glasses! she kills me.

michael stole my free drink token

me and palazzo

polaroid bag + polaroid bag..(and louise's gold shorts!!! hot damn)

me and the man. oh, i totally went for it, did i forget to tell you?
yellow on yellow. suuuure, why not.

oh, um, HI TURNER, yeah, why don't you just wear like, TOTALLY AMAZING SILK DRIES HEELS? no, it's cool. we're all just CRYING here in the CORNER. no BIGZ.

sidenote, the bf said all the girls did all night was stand around and look down at each other's feet and squeal. this is probably very, very true. oopsy!

i shoulda taken more pics.
i was too busy squealin and catching up with some of my favorite people ever.
sorry! go see the show!

congrats miss sturges !


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

thank you thank you...i am hoping to stockpile enough of other peoples fotos to make a post.waaaaah..(how do you imply whining virtually?)

totes are totes still available my dear. they are at mine. $8..super sweet and supportive!

my shoes are from topshop...turners were crazytown..and your yellow tootsies_kats crazy eyewear.
sooo glad you came.

big besos.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i always miss the amazingest times! congrats, louise! and those dries heels are KILLING ME SOFTLY over here.

laia. said...

duuudes i am totally obsessed with you matching those sheer knee highs to your shoes.
seriously. i hope that means there are more pictures of matching stuff on the way.
match match match.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i'm glad you posted this, because we wanted to go, but didn't get to for various reasons. glad are smooch made it on the wall. :)

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