i haven't done next levz awards in a while, mainnnnnly because i'm lazy and forgetful.

but how bout we all take a minute to give this lady the propz she soooo seriously deserves?

that is a yohji yamamoto cotton change purse for giants.
how AMAZING! can this thing be MORE ENORMOUS, PLEASE?
if i curled up like cannonball, i could totes (MORE PUNZ! yaay!) fit inside, doncha think?

photo by bill cunningham


Anonymous said...

She is amazing.
Volcom made a similar one, although not nearly as epicly large.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

this was in the styles section weeeks ago.
i LOVE it!!

he's been stalking her lately.
who is she? waht does she do?

and can we borrow some stuff???

White Lightning said...

jen- that bag is actually pretty cute! i DO wosh is 14 times the size.

lou- if you listen to the audio (which is kinda awesome bc of his new yawk accent) he mentioned once that she is like, a lawyer or some really mundane thing like that. law or finance, i forget. its great.

Tavi said...

Dude. You SOOOO loathe my size right now. I could totally fit in there. I seriously could. Not even joking.
At's right, be jealouzzzz.

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